Mission Statement

Food. Evangelism. Deliverance.

The mission of Freedom In Christ is to provide the following to homeless peoples of San Francisco:

  • 1) Food and Basic Needs—the outdoor distribution of food, clothing, sleeping bags, and other items that assist people with their basic needs;

  • 2) Evangelism and Relationship-building—the proclamation of the Word on the street through one-on-one relationships and preaching, supporting people through ongoing relationship, prayer, and the sharing of faith and life;

  • 3) Deliverance--the deliverance from oppression in all of its forms: poverty, addiction, and past pain.

Although there may not be a building designated as a church, Freedom in Christ Ministries seeks to be a church to the homeless population through consistent gathering, specifically focusing on community building, prayer, and spiritual encouragement—the very essence of church.